Canada Incorporation Agency is (a division of Star Alliance Corporate Lawyer Group Ltd.) is a leading Canadian provider of corporate products & services, such as incorporating business, registering sole proprietorship, reserving trade names, building partnership, providing NUANS® & Corporate Searches, Domain Registrations, Corporate Minute Books, Corporate Seals and other Corporate Supplies.

Canada Incorporation Agency’s sincere and personal approach has resulted in accolades of positive customer feedback, as evidenced by a solid referral base and generous repeat business. Canada Incorporation Agency currently serve needs of thousands of Canadian small business owners, corporate clients, including entrepreneurs, lawyers, and accountants. Canada Incorporation Agency as a division of Star Alliance Corporate Lawyer Group, holds several corporate lawyers, incorporation specialist and licensed registry officers. We are proud to serve thousands of Canadian small business owners and entrepreneurs since the year of 1997. From the very beginning of it gained reputation over its affordable priced services. Canada Incorporation Agency holds three business offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

Each Customer Get Personalized Attention and Committed Delivery: In Canada Incorporation Agency our specialists and customer service officers treat your business with the utmost care. We take every order with sincere attention. Our contact center is open 9:00 A.M to 6:00 PM EST. Full client support is available by phone or the Internet. we are committed to deliver the service as quick as two business hours. Currently, we offer regular service which takes 4-5 business days to process. However, we have provided express with 1 business day delivery option and and super express service with two business hours delivery option. Our specialists immediately list down the order and starts to process accordingly.

Advanced Technology, User Friendly Forms and Easy Customization Process: Canada Incorporation Agency is a platform of people power combined with advanced technology. We have overcomes from the the dependability of old-fashioned customer care. Customers place orders on our website. This convenience of online approach and the personal care of real people make our incorporation and business services efficient and highly personalized. Our principles are to give our customers more time and peace-of-mind by going beyond the industry standard, performing comprehensive corporate services with very reasonable and fair rates. Unlike many other incorporation service providers, we display all the price list for each service. On our website, a customer is able to customize his/her service needed and can see the instant price quote for it. By allowing such, we do not want to impose sale of a service where customer may not need it. The customization process is built to optimize budget and time.

Legendary Customer Support and Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction: Our legendary customer service to our customers does not stop after their order. We possess a very reliable network of experienced business partners that includes corporate seal developers, accounting firms, financing services, Web site hosting and other services typically needed by small business owners. We would say, read the customer testimonials on our Web site and you’ll feel what customers think about our service. In Canada Incorporation Agency since 2002, we have an established reputation for providing corporate services in a professional and trusted manner.